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The biggest academic event of the year at CBS! ‘Exploring the Future’ will give you the opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in the fields of business, politics, technology and philosophy, who will address current trends and challenges by sharing what they believe the future will look like. They will discuss how these challenges play a significant role in the business world, and how they will shape our society in the near future

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Philosopher, Entrepreneur and Business Leader. Morten Albæk is the Co-founder and CEO of Voluntas, as well as acting executive chairman. He has also been the CMO of Vestas while on the board of multiple organizations like Joe and the Juice, ILSE JACOBSEN and Vertic. He has been placed five times on The Internationalists’ annual list of the top 100 most influential CMO’s

Morten Albæk's ingenuity and insight into the issues of today and tomorrow have led him to having advised the pope on issues such as digital strategy, contributed to the writing of three books about modern society, and gaining recognition nationally and internationally, speaking at events and on television.

Morten Albæk will come on the 20th of May to share and debate his ideas with other thinkers and industry leaders his insights will shed light onto the issues of the world today, discussing his beliefs on the biggest challenges and opportunities are in the future!


We are so very excited to announce Marianne Steensen, the woman chosen by Microsoft to implement the changes in the organization here in Denmark as the General Manager. Chosen, both for her high degree of competence as well as her innovative down to earth approach to running and changing an organization to be more engaged and adaptive.

Her career prior to Microsoft included leading positions at Codan Forsikring and TDC. Marianne Supplements her work as Microsoft Denmark’s GM by mentoring young entrepreneurs and sitting on various boards and commissions throughout Denmark. Sitting on the Board of Directors at DFDS, and the board of DI, where she works on the panel that is handling their digitization efforts. Marianne also works with the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, where she is a member of the Energy Commission.

Marianne Steensen will come on May 20th to come discuss with other industry leaders, what the future holds for us. She will share her insight from both the ever changing tech industry as well as her experience throughout the Danish industry and culture.


John Robinson is globally known as a leader in sustainability after sitting on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, where he Co-Authored several reports that eventually won him a Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007.

John Robinson focuses on Climate Change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability. He has worked in the intersection of sustainability and its relation to social, technological and behavioural change. His works with sustainable buildings and urban design has won him the Metro Vancouver Architecture Canada Architecture Advocacy Award, along with Canada Green Building Council Education Leadership Awards and the BC Hydro’s Larry Bell Award for Advancing Energy Conservation in British Columbia.

He is going to come and speak about the effects that the environment will play in the future along with opportunities for sustainable development and opportunities moving forward.


Whether we like it or not we are in a world where oil is both an important and controversial component. Energy will be one of the biggest factors that will affect the world in the coming century. To help us understand, Thomas Thune Andersen, Chairman of the Board for Dong Energy and former CEO of Mærsk Oil will share his knowledge of the industry and the energy sector to give us a look into one of the most important issues facing our society.

The title of this event says it all - this will be the biggest party CBS has seen in the past century! DR Koncerthuset provides us with the best possible location by accommodating for several individual studios and stages for artists and DJs to perform. Featuring some of the most prominent up-and-coming names on the Danish music scene as well as some of the most played Danish artists on Spotify in 2016, this will be a party to remember for years to come!

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Consisting of producer Jonathan Elkær and singer Mads Bo, PHLAKE has rocketed to the very top of the Danish music scene in a very short time. With singles like ‘Angel Zoo’ and ‘Pregnant’, 2016 was indeed the year of PHLAKE! - cemented by the take-home of five statuettes at the Danish Music Awards in November.

Playing a full set of 75 minutes, PHLAKE will undoubtedly ensure an ecstatic and euphoric take-away for everyone in the audience. Anyone present at their set at Roskilde Festival 2016 will nod in strong acceptance of such statement. Their self-proclaimed Rhythm & Balls genre managed to attract one of the biggest crowds the ‘Rising’ scene of Roskilde has ever seen and the duo is ready to deliver the exact same atmosphere on the 20th of May for all of us.


It was an experience of electronic superiority, when Danish electronic trio AV AV AV took the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2015. Comprised of experienced players Eloq, Unkwon and DJ E.D.D.E.H., AV AV AV is something of an electronic super group on the Danish music scene. With filthy synths, bass and beats moving from subdued electro to monkey-goes-bananas-style house music, AV AV AV has the audience in a firm grip.

Their latest album 'Everything is True' was released just this month and has landed very positive reviews. Soundvenue describes the main track of the album 'About You' as 'meandering synth, echo-filled guitar and the mechanical voice manages to strike a rare balance between the sympathetic and the ecstatic'. Fear not electro-loving students of CBS. AV AV AV got you covered.


2017 is the year that Katie Keller goes from being an underground urban artist to performing on the biggest stages. The talented youngster’s most prominent song ‘Eller Ik’’ ft. the one and only Bai-D from Suspekt is now a year old, but with her latest release of ‘Jeg Sagde Det’, the hip hop inspired R’n’B singer once again shows off her rebellious attitude in successful combination with an overly catchy chorus. The end result is an elegant yet attitude rich straight middle finger to the established music industry and its gender roles.

Katie has promised the release of various singles coming up this spring, and we simply cannot wait to get a sneak peek at these on the 20th of May at DR Koncerthuset for the PARTY OF THE CENTURY!


2016 was the year when EMIL KRUSE’s melodic vocals and rolling 80’s funk bass started crawling up on the Danish charts. His name began to be on people’s minds after performing at Distortion 2016, and receiving the Universal Music and Royal Beers Spinnup Scholarship - which is given to artists who are predicted to have a significant future on the Danish music scene. Chosen mainly on the basis of his most prominent song "Hvorhen” which became a solid hit on Danish radio, the Danish rapper still insists on pushing his music in new directions with the debut album ‘Slumromantiker’. The album landed the young and talented rapper with underground pop-inspired vocals a prize as one of ‘VEGAs Udvalgte(Selected) 2017’, proving once more that the year 2017 will be the year of EMIL KRUSE.

DJ Kenno, DJ Bjelke and DJ Roland

With live music at all times in all four studios of DR Koncerthuset each with a given theme and music genre, the evening will provide attendees with a sensation of being at a mini-festival. Phlake, Katie Keller, Emil Kruse and AV AV AV will not be performing at the same time, so you have the option of hearing all of them if you want. When these guys are not performing we have DJ Kenno, DJ Bjelke and DJ Roland firing up some heavy beats, sure to make all rooms stay vibrant at all times. You will not encounter a studio lacking a party at any given time!